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Reflective Blog

I have learned how expansive your research can get from a small starting point. Often times I would start off with a key word that encompassed my whole topic. From there I would find so many other different terms or phrases that were relevant to my paper. There would be so various sources that cameContinue reading “Reflective Blog”

Blog #5

After reading comments from my presentation, I researched more into the benefits of artificial intelligence. Before, I was focused solely on the fears of A.I. in the field of medicine. From there I was trying to to find sources that explain solutions or what was being attempted to calm those fears. I was able toContinue reading “Blog #5”

Blog #4 Presentation

I made a PowerPoint presentation for my oral presentation. There is audio on the bottom left of each slide that you can click on. I have the google slides and Microsoft Powerpoint uploaded on here. I don’t know how to center the google slides, but it works for me. It not, just click the “copyContinue reading “Blog #4 Presentation”

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